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Five things about Shelley: 

1. I make time for good coffee and vegetarian food. 

2. I enjoy connecting people to new people, experiences and even travel spots. 

3. A new hobby of mine is kayaking! 

4. I live in North Olmsted with my husband, Seth, and two future college students, Noah (17) and Zach (13) and wonder-dogs Scrappy and Scooter.  

5. I am an Ordained Lutheran (ELCA) Pastor, and have served UPCaM since 2018.


Rev. Monica Harmon

Pastoral Intern

Five things about Monica: 

1. I like to exercise.

2. I like to go hiking. 

3. I enjoy going onto retreats to renew and refresh my mind and spirit. 

4. I like to go to the Cleveland Museum of Art.

5. I like to tarvel to unfamiliar places.

UPCaM Staff

Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger

Executive Director

Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger,
Ex. Director/Campus Minister

Rev. Monica Harmon
Ministry Associate

Ann Randall, CPA,

Anna Haynes
Dinner Church Student Coordinator

Leo Chou
Office Assistant

Yuna Wang
Social Media Manager

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