You already belong here!


Every year UPCaM is a new community gifted by the diversity of all our experiences.  Whenever we gather, wherever we gather ... on the Quad, outside socially distanced... in the Student Union, in the Campus District, all around the CLE, we are God's community centered in Jesus.     


Our welcome is just like Jesus's welcome -- radical, inclusive, challenging. 

When we dive into Bible study, reflection, debate, worship, and service, God takes our differences and uses them to stretch us and strengthen our community for one another.  Rigth here, each person's perspective, theology (thoughts about God), worship style, musical taste, and talents are WELCOME and VALUED.  In sharing and learning together, we reflect God's deep love for our whole world.  


All this is because... you're already welcome here! Our welcome is a radical Jesus-welcome for every sibling no matter one's faith practice, heritage, nationality, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Our discussions are lively, raw and centered in Jesus'  Word.  And it is amazing how God's arms open wide through the love of Jesus to embrace us all. This is UPCaM!  


Check out what's happening at your college and online here on our website and social media. To join our list-serve click this Stay Connected link.  We look forward to meeting you soon... because you belong here! 


With Peace,  Shelley