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UPCaM Racial Equity Covenant

Presented on Instagram and Facebook Sept 14- October 9

Week One: Racial Equity Sept 14, 16, 18 Sept 14 Text for Facebook, Instagram, and Website: As our nation continues to unfold the ramifications of systemic racism that surrounds us, we struggle with how to respond. There’s no quick answer to such a complex issue. This inequity is part of our history as a people that we cannot hide, and to ignore it is to go against the will of Christ which is “to unite all things in him.” (Ephesians 1:10) We invite you over the course of the next 4 weeks to be a part of our Racial Equity Covenant, a series of prompts and resources that are meant to help educate and create effective social justice habits that can be incorporated in everyday life. Three times a week- M-W-F, we will ask you to “commit to our covenant” by engaging with an activity- reading an article, engaging in a video or podcast, or some personal reflection. We have adapted a 21-Day Action Plan designed to introduce people to new ideas and perspectives. In our abridged “challenge” to connect our UPCaM community, we will be looking at Racial Equity, Challenges in Ohio, Elections and Voter Suppression, and Inequality in our Higher Education System. Special thanks to the YWCA of Greater Cleveland for resources and prompts as part of their 21-Day Racial and Social Justice Challenge.

This Structural Racism Glossary from the Aspen Institute will give you a launching point of key terms and definitions that will be used.

In Addition on the Website: Engage with these next 4 weeks on Instagram: @upcamcase @upcamclestate @livingwatersupcam

And/or Facebook:

“United Protestant Campus Ministries- UPCaM”

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