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Rebekah's Circle

Where connections grow hopes and dreams into a brighter future!

With you, we will take action around the themes of health, wellness, empowerment, and capacity-building.


This is a new initiative designed for women from 13 through 35 years of age living in Cuyahoga County; our vision is to gather young women and mentors in Circle Gatherings  to build connections, community and relationships.


We hope each circle, each gathering is a place where all together - each person experiences how a safe, empathetic, compassionate Christian Community can be empowering and how mentorship, shared knowledge, and social capital can lead us to grow positive relationships with peers, family members and the community with greater social agency.


Join in Rebekah's Circle... Follow our journey... @rebekahs_circle

Rebekah’s Circle

Rebekah’s Circle

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Designed for college students and college curious young women ages 18-35,

who attend or live nearby

CSU or Tri-C Metro Campus

Fall 2022 DATES!!

September 13 - October 18

Tuesdays Evenings, 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Trinity Cathedral

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for more details contact us: | TEL 440.494.6259


A key to Rebekah's Circle's community experience is pairing young women with adult mentors - women and men with college experiences and/or life/work experiences to share. Mentors must participate in a required free training scheduled on Tuesday, September 6, 5-7 PM (offered in person and virtual).


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