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  • Katie Buerger

UPCaM Game Night@Case

Under the guidance of this year’s high-energy executive board, UPCaM hosted a game night this past Friday (9/25) in Wade Commons to attract the attention of the new freshman class. Although game nights have been held in previous years, UPCaM had not hosted one in quite some time. Enthusiastic about getting UPCaM’s name around campus, UPCaM decided to advertise for the event this time with fliers and table tents. Although many were not aware of which group was hosting the game night, the advertising was able to raise a lot of interest in the event, sparking the highest-ever attendance at an UPCaM game night.

In the past, game nights had typically yielded only the addition of one or two other students besides UPCaM’s own. However, this Friday, the game night serendipitously coincided with one of the regular meetings of the Case Western game club, which cancelled it’s regular meeting in favor of attending the game night. It was a happy surprise to have such a wildly successful event. Allowing for some fluctuation throughout the three hours, there were around twelve students at one point playing one or two large games in the Red Cat room. Students from the gaming club introduced several new and creative games to the traditional mix of Monopoly, Checkers, or Apples to Apples; the game “BANG!” in particular was so much fun that many wound up playing only that for the entire night. Pizza, brownie bites, and soda all disappeared quickly in the jovial atmosphere.

It seems that the first steps towards creating a true UPCaM presence on campus have already been taken, and the new executive board has much to look forward to in the future. The game night was possibly the best of its kind in recent UPCaM history, perhaps a true indication of the kind of the motivation anddedication possessed by UPCaM’s current members.


Photo credit given to Rohan Krishna Ramkhumar

This blog is written by me, Katie Buerger (unless noted otherwise) and maintained by UPCaM@Case. I am a current sophomore at CWRU, and have been an UPCaM member since my first year. Because I am Spiritual Potpourri’s exclusive writer, this means the opinions and perspectives given in blog posts are limited to my views. I think myself to be open-minded, but I am human. I do research my topics (all the sources are listed at the bottom of each post), but I ultimately can only write from my perspective as a Christian. I try to write to a general audience (not exclusively to Christians), but I do at times make assumptions about the knowledge of my readers. However, I would like to assert that my views are not representative of UPCaM’s or Christianity’s – they are mine alone.

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