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New @ UPCaM: Blogging...

With so many different organizations, events, and activities on campus, it’s easy to lose track of everything going on. Our new blog hopes to provide a fresh perspective, both on life at Case and on the world. We will address a wide variety of topics on spirituality.

We are a Christ-centered ministry that is open to all, including those who are spiritual but not religious. If you are looking for a caring community that values intellectual inquiry alongside spiritual exploration, UPCaM is the place for you!

The blog, titled Spiritual Potpourri, plans to cover our events and activities throughout the year. In addition to this, Spiritual Potpourri also features regular pieces on themes such as Christian views on hot issues (think LGBT or abortion), comparative religion, moments of “everyday spirituality," Christian history, spirituality around campus, focus pieces on biblical passages or stories, and book reviews, among other things.

Spiritual Potpourri aims to broaden perspectives, providing a place for self- , spiritual- , and intellectual- exploration. It opens a dialog to understanding each other, something pertinent in a nation and world still plagued by hate. The blog could be a place to learn something new and interesting too!

Our blogger is second-year student, Katie Buerger. These posts are her ideas, thoughts, and feelings and do not necessarily represent the views of UPCaM. We hope to foster conversation--let us know what you are thinking. And to suggest topics, contact campus minister, Rev. Barbara Essex ( or our blogger, Katie Buerger (

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