Hard Questions, Hard Answers

Listening to the Hard Answers: A Look at the Story of Samson For those more unfamiliar with the story of Samson, it involves a bit more than the version I learned in Sunday school. What I always remembered was the standard story of God-given strength defeated by that insidious woman, Delilah, and then returned for Samson to be able to incredibly pull down the columns of a building on his enemies. However, a closer reading of the story as it appears in Judges 13-16 reveals a very different––and much more uncomfortable––narrative. Samson’s story begins much in the way that we would hope for the birth of a great warrior of Israel: His birth is announced to his mother (and then a second time wit

Who Is Right???

In a globalizing world, studies have shown that our generation (millennials) is the most tolerant to date. We are the most accepting of not only racial, religious, class, gender, and sexual orientation differences, but just about everything else. The development of the internet means that, world-over, our generation embraces thousands of sub- and micro- cultures on top of a variety of dissimilar beliefs and lifestyles. While this is great progress, it also has one problematic implication: the prevalence of the view that no one’s beliefs are wrong, i.e. that everyone is right. There’s nothing wrong with this viewpoint (no irony intended), except that it doesn’t make the most sense. Since we a




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