UPCaM Game Night@Case

Under the guidance of this year’s high-energy executive board, UPCaM hosted a game night this past Friday (9/25) in Wade Commons to attract the attention of the new freshman class. Although game nights have been held in previous years, UPCaM had not hosted one in quite some time. Enthusiastic about getting UPCaM’s name around campus, UPCaM decided to advertise for the event this time with fliers and table tents. Although many were not aware of which group was hosting the game night, the advertising was able to raise a lot of interest in the event, sparking the highest-ever attendance at an UPCaM game night. In the past, game nights had typically yielded only the addition of one or two other

Re-Centering While At Case Western...

The first few weeks of college have already flown by! As the school year begins again, I found myself gradually drifting more and more into the tumult of assignments, essays, projects, friends, dates, and (of course) weekend outings. This is not necessarily unusual, but as the semester progresses I know it will get worse. Suddenly it will get harder to make time for what’s important: making that call home, getting outside to take a walk… It’s easy to lose track of everything I need to do, nevermind my own values. It’s also easy to “lose track of” God in your life amidst the noise of the day-to-day. For me at least, this necessitates taking a moment free from the chaos of college life to re-c




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