UPCaM Welcome BBQ

This Sunday (Aug 23rd) UPCaM-ers gathered together for the first time this year to welcome new students onto campus with a celebratory BBQ. The BBQ showcased eight area churches––even more than in past years, including Mt. Zion Congregational Church (United Church of Christ), St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal), Bethlehem Lutheran Church, South Euclid United Church of Christ, Church of the Covenant (Presbyterian), Church of the Saviour (United Methodist), and Antioch Baptist Church. Tables were set up around the perimeter of the Interfaith Plaza with pamphlets, posters, and free goodies. As is tradition, Trinity Cathedral had a popular table with its “decorate your own

Finding Meaning...

I recently heard something from my home pastor that created an unexpected “ah ha!” moment for me. She was speaking of the ongoing reform in the Christian faith and how it is challenging many pastors & parishes: Historically, the Great Question that people want faith to answer has been “what happens to me after I die?” (or the variation, “will I go to Heaven or Hell?”). For centuries, all religions––not just Christianity––have been doing their utmost to answer this. However, times have changed. The common man is no longer a destitute, illiterate farmer with no concept of even the fundamental knowledges (math, history, writing, existing technologies, etc.); Even the poorest or most ignorant to

Not So Black and White...

Those who have felt the presence of God understand that we, as humans, do not have the capacity to understand Him fully. God is a great––arguably, the greatest––mystery to us. He is able to understand more, knows more, loves more, and is the only truly just being in all of creation. His mind and will are not as simple as black-and-white print on a page that can be read and then fully known. This is why it perplexes me that some Christians (and perhaps others) forget this. In Christianity, I often see a lot of pressure around either: a) whether or not someone is going to Hell; or b) whether something or other will send you to Hell. A prime example is, of course, the argument concerning whet




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