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Toasting Drinks
 Alumni Happy Hour

Katie Buerger, host

September 2022

Celebrate with recent CWRU grads! 

+ Virtual Gathering +

To learn upcoming Happy Hours, 


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Our goals for 2022 and beyond...

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Thwing Center, Room 318

Looking for UPCaM @ CWRU?

Come find our "headquarters" in Thwing 318, inside the office of 

Interreligious and Spiritual Life.

This location is fully accessible. 

Please make an appointment or stop by! 

Contact for more info!

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Welcome Students!

Shelley Nelson-Bridger,  contact

August 2022

Ready to serve with UPCaM as we welcome new and returning students this August?

+ Dinner Church Meal Preparer +

+ Rebekah's Circle Mentors +

+ Table with UPCaM Staff +

For more details email

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